interior designing ideas?

krk asked:

hi all.. we have bought a three bedroom, hall, kitchen flat..the total area is 100 sq.m. the hall is rectangular..there is no separate living and dining rooms..that is, we need to arrange both in the bedroom is with attached toilet…the other two rooms are smaller ones.. we dont want to change the walls etc.since it needs permission from the govt. if you have some simple home decoration ideas please share..
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Interior design ideas PLEASE?

ddti asked:

looking to paint in our new 1st home. Are there any websites where I can browse pictures of paint ideas & or decorations? Do interior designers usually so complimentary consults? Thank you!

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Ornate vintage classic european home decorations in Melbourne?

tortoise_vagabond asked:

I’m searching for a birthday present for my mom. We’re moving house so I think a nice piece of decoration will be perfect.

I’m thinking of something like candy box, candle holder, potpourri holder, or other ornaments.

What should I search for in search engines? And the worst part is, I don’t know what my house interior design style is called. We’ll decorate the new house with the same style.

It’s European, classic, we have metal filigrees, simple and plain stony items (the ones with carvings and a light white+orange-ish hue) and stuffs. You know, the grand, classic type.

what should I get her? And when can I find a decent furniture / decorations store in Melbourne?
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Please help me. I’m stressed out!

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home decor advice?

30 year old asked:

My husband hates floral prints and any sort of floral decoration. I’m so sick of stripes, plaid and squares. Our house is a blank canvas other than the square themed area rugs (none of them match) and our stripe shower curtain. We have a black leather couch that we’re still paying for…so have to keep it. I want our home to feel inviting and put together…like a model home. But his taste is horrible. I make only $8/hour and he makes $30/hour. His attitude is that since he makes more…what he says…”goes”. ugh. Any ideas? And no, I’m not willing to pick a fight with him or tell him to shove it. I’m only looking for decor advice that will suite both of us.
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Interior Decorations?

Ben A asked:

Where can I find images/pictures of home decor?.
I am interested in DIY interior decor for my new home.

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Home designing software?

Ryan. asked:

i need something online (not to download) that i can just design the interior of a house. Just to get an idea of what i should do mine in. Everything from Furniture, to TV’s, to wall decorations, to pictures. Including Bathroom countertops and paint. Carpet and wood flooring.

can ANYONE help me?

please and thank you

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im building my house i wanted to see if anybody knows about web sites i can look for with images on ceilings?

butterfly asked:

i want to have an idea on interior ceiling decoration or anykind o decoration on home bars ect.. i need some ideas.

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Plumbing Question — Can a shut off valve open on its own?

Sup M asked:

We are decorators working on a 35 year old home. As part of the
re-decoration the kitchen counters were to be replaced. A professional
Licensed, insured Handyman removed the counter top and the sink and closed
the shut off valve under the sink tightly. The job continued for 5
days without incident, but on the sixth morning the water was flowing out
of the hot water pipe from under the sink and the shutoff valve was
completely open to cause a LOT of water damage. The house is empty and is
being re-decorated in a desperate attempt to sell. An insurance
adjustor who inspected the shut off valve suggested that it opened on it own?
Can that happen? Can a shut off valve open on its own?

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Christian crafts / decorations?

ashlynmadelynmommy asked:

I mainly have family photos and some home interior displayed throughout my house. I really like the different decorations available at the Christian book stores,….but they are so high. Most of them are mainly scriptural - like things. I’m a pretty crafty person, so I thought I could possibly do some of my own. I just need ideas (pictures, wreaths, etc.). Do you know of any or a website with such?

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How are you baby-proofing your house with all the Christmas Decorations out?

Kristy Lynn asked:

This past weekend my daughter, 20 months, pulled her stocking off the mantel and the stocking holder hit her in the head, large bump and cut but she’s ok!

So that incident bought to me this question…how are you baby-proofing your home now that all the Christmas Decorations are out?

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damnbrat57 asked:

My interior decorator, Mr. Bruce, is on vacation in Arkansas-the entire clan is coming over for the big party! Eula-Jean is promising
to wait until marriage before she has sex, and the family is smoking
a ham in honor of her pledge! I need suggestions on how to decorate my single-wide—-I have a limit of $15.00 to shop either at
Walmart or K-mart….maybe even the Dollar Store! I can sure use your advise…Gay men especially (they are SO GOOD at doing that
sort of thing!) We All Thank You!!!

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Architecture , Interior design or both ?

^^ANGEL^^ asked:

i know that ARCHITECTURE is creating the exterior structure of a building (the outside), and the INTERIOR DESIGN is the decoration of a building (the inside)..
but is there some branch that combines between the two of them at the same time..Studying the exterior and the interior design of homes..??
iF it exists what’s its name..?? In which College ..??

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home remedies for halloween decor (outdoors)?

FunnylilBunny asked:


Well I’m only 11 in a half and I love doing like decorations(i want to be an interior designer when i grow u)and i want to decorate my house really creepy and have really good ideas.I can only use like 3 bucks cause i’m also having a end of year pool party and halloween party.

one idea is to dress up scary but act like a Mahican and when kids go up for candy i scare the crap out of them.

more ideas plz! i will pick best answer!

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